This is us

Our Adventure



Let us first introduce ourselves:

We are the Family which together with RoadKapje makes a journey through big parts of Europe and Asia. Father, mother and two daughters.
On the way there is something interesting to discover and learn, and these four are always looking for:
A burning desire to spend more time with each other and see the World.


Noes K.

A curious hedge, who would like to know everything from others, Friendly, social and resourceful.
She is wondering if she is eating fries in Asia too and she is always on the lookout for hot air balloons.




Happy 'jump-in-the-field' Fiet is Small of piece, but big in: Persistence en enthiousiasm. She wants to count up to 15 in every language. She likes to play catch and has a special bond with animals.




It may be clear where Noes' genes come from; curious and social. Environmentally aware and open for new experiences and cultures With the motto: Everybody learns from the cradle to the grave.




Positive note Bar is in one Word Foodstufftechnicalnaturelover. Of course, that is a slight description of whom he is. Because of his interest in nature he knows exactly which plants are or not to eat and what you can do with it. He is therefore very curious What they will encounter all along the way. He likes fire, fortunately, RoadKapje is nearby.




RoadKapje is the name of the Fire truck, She already has some driving experience And is wondering if she can use that in the rest of the world. Roadkapje sounds like Roodkapje, the name of the famous Fairy tale figure, who went to grandmother to bring cookies But there was an angry wolf instead. Roadkapje, Is called this because a red floodlight is placed (Instead of a blue floodlight at still working fire engines) and of course because she's happy to be"on the road"!