This is us

Our Adventure


With our Fire Truck RoadKapje, we went to many different places. We can write a lot of stories about it. Fiet and Noes cannot get enough of it.



Our adventures in The Netherlands.

Read about our adventures in The Netherlands.



The Adventures of Roadkapje in Albania.

The Adventures of Roadkapje in Albania.


Our adventures in Greece.

Read about our adventures in Greece.



Our adventures in Bulgaria

Read about our trip in Bulgaria.


Different Traffic Signs

Along the way we notice that every country has its own customs, on the road you can see that there are variations on traffic signs everywhere. Look over here.



Our adventures in Romania

Read about our trip in Romania.


RoadKapje in Qatar

Bar, Nas, Nous and Fiet in the sands of Qatar.



RoadKapje in the Philippines

Read our report on our trip to Manilla.



RoadKapje on Bali

Roadkapje takes a break on Bali.



The Land of the rising Sun

Here's our tripreport on our journey to Japan.




The Adventures of Roadkapje in Ukraine.



Bugs in Ukraine

What a huge amount of good luck is coming our way!




The Adventures of Roadkapje in Poland.



Mushrooms in Poland

Take a look at what we found in the forest!




The Adventures of Roadkapje in Germany.




Read about the Adventures of RoadKapje in the United Kingdom!



The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is one of the most breathtaking things we encountered on our first journey. The structure we all know and love, but never have climbed in. Well, climbed... we went up with the elevator. However, we dit manage to get all the way to the scary top.



By special Request of Fiet and Noes, we paid a visit to a very special Land in Europe. A Country where Fairy Tales come to live, a place where real Prinses and Princesses live.



Something else

We think it is important that people all over the World meet and stay in contact. Do you have tips for interesting places to visit, can we perhaps deliver your greetings to someone along the road? Or make a beautiful picture of a special someone, or of a place with beautiful memories? We like to hear from you.



Also of importance

Even though the restrictions you have or look so big, where there's a will, there is a way.